Do you want to resolve your legal disputes without assuming any costs and risks?

We introduce you to Postpay Arbitration. The first initiative in Peru, designed by LINARES ABOGADOS, which allows businessmen to access to an arbitration process to solve their controversies, assuming the costs only if the result of the process is favorable at the end of the arbitration.

From the hand of OMAHA SOCIEDAD GESTORA S.A.C., as the investor that will provide the necessary funds for the development of the arbitration, we offer an innovative proposal in which we will only recover the capital invested in the arbitration process and the collection of its fees for legal sponsorship if an effective result is achieved through the execution of the arbitration award.



✓ Resolve your legal disputes without assuming any costs and risks
✓ First you win then you pay
✓ Faster than a court process
✓ Expert legal advice
✓ Investment fund to back you up


✓ The contract that gave rise to the dispute must contain an arbitration clause
✓ The claim must be equal to or greater than S/. 700 thousand up to S/. 20 million
✓ The counterparty to the dispute must qualify as a solvent debtor


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