Registration acts through the “SID SUNARP”.

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The Digital Intermediation System of the Public Registries “SID SUNARP”, is a SUNARP Service Platform that allows the electronic online processing and registration of legal acts issued by Notary Public with digital signature, thus avoiding the use of paper in the registry procedure, the possibility of documentary fraud and the delay of internal procedures.

This digital platform has been gradually implemented over time since its creation in 2015, since it initially enabled the electronic registration of legal acts related to company incorporations (MYPE), but has gradually expanded its field of action and now allows the registration of other legal acts such as intestate successions, mandates or powers of attorney, purchase and sale, among others; however this was limited to the registration of certain legal acts.

In this sense, in view of the State of Sanitary Emergency in force in our country due to the Coronavirus – Covid19 pandemic and, with the purpose of avoiding crowds of people that may visit the different registry offices in the country and thus propitiate the possibility of massive contagions with the virus; the National Superintendence of Public Registries by Resolution No. 046-2020-SUNARP, in order to avoid the possibility of massive contagions with the virus, has issued the following resolution: “The National Superintendence of Public Registries”. 046-2020-SUNARP/SN dated 07-05-2020, the National Superintendence of Public Registries, through Resolution No. 046-2020-SUNARP/SN dated 07-05-2020, has provided as an alternative means to the presentation of titles in paper support, among others, the extension of the use of SID SUNARP for the procedures and electronic registration of legal acts with digital signature of Notary Public related to Constitution of Mortgages, Constitution of Associations, Sep ration of Patrimonies, Substitution of Patrimonial Regime, Conventional Separation and Ulterior Divorce .

This new provision of the National Superintendence of Public Registries will make it easier for users, once the notary offices resume their work, to process and register the aforementioned legal acts electronically through the SID SUNARP Platform. It is clear that such legal acts must be digitally signed by the corresponding Notary Public, which is a relevant benefit in the context of the health emergency that affects not only the country but the whole world.

Finally, it is necessary to indicate that, with this new extension of the use of SID SUNARP, the following acts can now be processed and registered:

a) Incorporation of companies.
b) Incorporation of Associations.
c) Granting of Powers of Attorney in the Registry of Natural Persons.
d) Purchase and Sale of Vehicles.
e) Transfer of Properties (up to 04 properties in a registry office).
f) Donation.
g) Dation in Payment.
h) Advance of Legitimacy.
i) Exchange.
j) Constitution of Mortgages.
k) Intestate Succession.
l) Separation of Estates.
m) Substitution of Patrimonial Regime.
n) Conventional Separation and Ulterior Divorce.