SUNARP will issue registry certificates with electronic signature and verification code.

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The Online Registry Publicity Service “SPRL”, is a platform that allows access to the database containing the indices of the different registries, the images of the registry entries and the titles stored in digital format of the registry offices in charge of SUNARP, so that users can obtain information that is available.

Likewise, through this platform, users may request formal certified publicity of the different titles.

It is in response to this last service provided by the SPRL Platform that, through the Resolution of the National Superintendent of Public Registries No. 058-2020-SUNARP-SUNARP. 058-2020-SUNARP/SN of last May 29th, SUNARP has approved the extension of the issuance of physical certificates with electronic signature and verification code as of June 1st for the case of personal property and on June 8th for the case of the other registries; with the purpose of improving and guaranteeing the provision of additional services to users at a national level, such as the issuance of physical certificates of the different registries of SUNARP, but mainly it is sought with this measure that users do not have the need to go to a registry office and put their health at risk in the face of the “Covid-19” pandemic.

But only time will tell how this new registry service works, what procedures and/or virtual user applications will be able to carry out.

1.- How does the SPRL Platform work?
1.1.- The user must access the Online Registry Publicity Service (SPRL), through the SUNARP web page “”. To do so, they must first create a free user account and pay with a Visa debit or credit card the cost of the physical certificate or service requested.

1.2.- Once the order has been placed, the user will receive in their assigned e-mail, the physical certificate issued by SUNARP with electronic signature; document that has the same legal validity as the physical document, which has been issued by this entity.

2.- Which physical certificates can be requested?

2.1.- In the case of the Real Estate Registry, the following can be requested:
– Certificate of Liens and Encumbrances.
– Positive Certificate of Ownership.
– Negative Certificate of Ownership.

2.2.- In the case of the Registry of Legal Entities, the following may be requested:
– Certificate of Validity of Power of Attorney of a Legal Entity.
– Certificate of Validity of the Directive Organ.
– Positive/Negative Certificate of Legal Entity.

2.3.- In the case of the Registry of Natural Persons, the following may be requested:
– Certificate of Validity of Power of Attorney of Natural Persons.
– Positive/Negative Certificate of Common Law Partnership.
– Positive/Negative Certificate of Intestate Succession.
– Negative Certificate of Personal Registry.

2.4.- In the case of the Registry of Movable Goods, the following may be requested:
– Certificate of Vehicle Registration.
– Certificate of Charges and Liens of Aircraft.
– Certificate of Charges and Liens of Fishing Vessels.
– Positive/Negative Certificate of Vehicle Ownership.

It is evident that this new service provided by SUNARP, constitutes an important technological innovation in favor of the user and the administrative procedure, moreover, there are additional advantages that were not appreciated with the issuance of the physical document, such as:

a) The digital certificates avoid the falsification of the document, because it is verifiable, its authenticity comes from the SUNARP web portal with the verification code.
b) The digital certificates (within their validity) can be replicated by the user as many times as required, thus avoiding requesting other copies, leading to a substantial saving of money.
c) Decongestion of the registry offices nationwide, since these certificates are the most demanded services in the registry.