Migration and mining

by | May 11, 2020 | Articles | 0 comments

I was going to start these lines, commenting on some possible crimes that could lead to the presence of migrants in the areas of influence in a mining activity, before a social conflict, however, I made a stop and searched for information on the stories of our compatriots who at the time left everything in their hometown, to seek a promising future in our capital.

In them, I read about young people who promised their parents to return in another way and entire families with a certain stability in the capital that, as reported by the portal ojopúblico[1] now return for fear of the virus, unemployment and above all, hunger.

With the strength that made them walk for days and days along our roads, carrying not only frustration, fears and uncertainty, but also hopes, they are shaping up to be the new protagonists of their region, district or community, in every sense.

The capital will cease to be their destination – possibly in a few years – and they will concentrate all their efforts to start again. As a light for these dreams, I heard today from a CEO of an important mining company that, due to the strict safety and health protocols in reference to Covid, the mining units will demand high work rotations and due to the restrictions of the sanitation protocols, they will need local labor.

With this and soon, or rather, when the quarantine ordered by the Government ends, these people will be – possibly – useful for several activities, so the respective areas of these companies will have to increase their efforts to sensitize this new “population”.
We know firsthand that, from the union of the company and the communities, successful projects have emerged for the benefit of its members, however, we have also witnessed that, in the absence of the State, the companies are the first to sustain the “social” conflicts to the point of granting a solution far from reality and even worse, with the consent of the authorities in office.

With this reflection I leave the crimes aside for when I am called.

[1] https://ojo-publico.com/1786/desplazados-por-la-pandemia-la-travesia-de-los-mas-pobres